NE Live has Improved for ASH 2018 – Please Ensure to Update your App to Receive the Latest Coverage!

NE Live has just undergone a significant revamp in order to provide users with a better experience and improved functionality. Additionally, complementing the existing English content, selected perspectives on the latest studies in oncology and hematology from Canadian experts will also be brought to you in French.

NE Live at ASH 2018

The 60th ASH Annual Meeting is being held in San Diego, California, from December 1–4. As always, in collaboration with top Canadian hematology experts, NE Live will bring you the latest perspectives on data and presentations right from the conference.

In order to ensure that you receive the latest and pertinent content on your phones, please take a few seconds to update your phones to the new version of the app as well as your specialty preferences under the main menu.

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Furthermore, you can view the ASH abstracts and schedule here.